Bride Recites Vows At Her Wedding Ceremony But All The Crowd Hears Are Sudden, Loud Sobs

In it, you’ll see the bride, Emily Leehan, and groom, Josh Newville standing at the altar together along with Newville’s four-year-old son. But what makes this wedding even more special is the fact that Leehan had prepared a few special words for her new stepson—words so powerful that after a few mere seconds, the young boy begins to cry uncontrollably.

The little boy then has no choice but to hug his new mom and then his dad out of love and adoration. It is safe to say that this young man is just as excited as both the bride and the groom to start their new life together. It is a moment that is spectacular, precious and heartwarming. It is so magical in fact that it has gone completely viral—no doubt because millions worldwide believe in true and pure love.

See the tear-inducing video below and if you’ve been moved, do like and share it with your family and friends. We wish this beautiful family a wonderful life together with many blessings and lots of smiles!

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