This Mom And Daughter’s Hilarious Salon Talk Is Going Viral

Children are great at repeating after adults, so often you’ll hear them talk just like their parents do. One-year-old Jayde, the stylist from this video also mimics mom very well. She’s so good that mom Kerry is having a ball getting her hair done!

They start off by hilariously gossiping about “him” and how he expected mommy to get up and make breakfast (probably a small gossip session about dad? or, it may just be some fun complaining that girls start doing about their significant others when they’re together!).  But then they move on to what Jayde the stylist seems interested in, Sea World.

Mom says she’s got tickets to Sea World and the baby is in awe when she talks about animals and water. But she soon goes back to talking about boys, and the conversation just continues. It’s such an adorable moment between mother and daughter, and we’re so glad mom recorded it on video!

Watch the entire clip below! If you found the video as adorable as we did, then don’t forget to like and share it with family and friends! Share it with your stylist too and get some conversation inspiration for the next time you go to get your hair done!

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